Cub Cave Quilted Plush Fleece Infant Carseat Canopy

$49.99 USD $59.99 USD
  • Protection - Protects your baby from outdoor elements like wind, drizzle, germs, dust and cold weather.
  • Healthy Air Flow - Designed to allow healthy airflow with adjustable zipper opening. You can choose to open zippers halfway to make a bigger peekaboo opening or open up just a little bit for more warmth, temperature control and airflow.
  • Three Layer Quilted - Fully Quilted with ultra-soft plush fleece lining to provide cozy comfort inside for the baby. Windproof outer layer and polyester-filled middle layer for added warmth.
  • Universal Fit & Easy to Use. Elastic bottom snuggly fits around any car seat carrier. Roll away flap provides easy access to get baby in and out of the car seat.
  • Perfect Gift - This is a must-have essential baby item for any mom-to-be or a baby shower gift.
$49.99 USD

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