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We at Sho Cute are parents first and then designers. We are continuously exploring the needs of our own children and using our design talent to create the best possible products for you and your baby to enjoy.

So how did we start?

The story of how Sho Cute was born starts from humble beginnings, when Samia Khan, current CEO and Designer at Sho Cute, was studying at OCAD University, Canada while taking care of her newborn at the same time. After trying many car seat covers, she was not satisfied with what was available in the market and felt the need to redesign one herself.  

Samia spent many months redesigning a car seat cover and addressed many of the pain points many customers faced with covers in the market.  She started selling the covers online and it quickly gained traction by many who loved the attention to detail and uniqueness of the design.

After receiving love and support from customers and reading their positive reviews, Samia knew what she had to do. She perfected her designs even more and launched worldwide with many prints. As a result, Sho Cute has been growing since and continues to benefit many mothers around the world.

About Our Team:

Samia Khan is a mother of three and the current CEO and main designer at Sho Cute. She continues to explore and take inspiration from current fashion trends so that babies and Mama’s can enjoy highly functional products that look trendy.

We are a family owned and operated company. We are confident that our products will be valued by families because we relate to families with young children, since we have 3 children of our own.


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